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Particle Counters, Laboratory Pumps & Calibrators

Affordable Laboratory Equipment

Your Source for Laboratory Pumps & Particle Counters

New Star provides a great selection of particle counters and other laboratory equipment at great prices. In particular, aerosol particle counters provide great information for a number of applications including: indoor air quality, HVAC applications, filter testing, emission sourcing and pollutant testing. All particle counters offered from New Star have been tested and certified to ISO standards. New Star Environmental also offers one of the largest selections of laboratory pumps in the Scientific Industry. Their many uses include Air Sampling, Vacuum Oven, Microbiology, Filtration of liquids or suspended solids as well as pressure applications.

Environmental Monitoring & Lab Equipment

Our line of general laboratory products has been selected to contain the items most frequently required by environmental labs everywhere.Hotplates and stirrers, laboratory glassware, mixers, lab and personal pumps, lab jacks, and many more high usage items are offered at typically great values. Whenever reliability and dependability are required - along with value and service...Always look to New Star Environmental.


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