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Wide Orifice Graduated Pipette

Product SKU: 102774-0010

Quick Overview

  • Wide Orifice Graduated Pipette for sampling small volumes of viscous substances

  • Large opening pipette is designed "to-deliver" (not "to-contain) 

  • 10mL capacity with 0.1mL sub divisions

Translucent polypropylene Wide Orifice Graduated Pipette. Large opening pipet is resistant to breakage. Blue graduations, ring mark and inscriptions. Use with pipettor. Recommended cleaning with mild alkaline detergent up to 60ºC.

Wide tip pipette is designed "to-deliver", not "to-contain". This means that blowing out the last little bit in the tip after the sample drains could deliver more than your measured amount. 

Note: Exposure to temperatures above 60ºC may cause volume changes. Additional sizes available upon request.

Product Dimensions (l x diameter): 13.125 x 0.375"

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