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Teras Turbine Mixer Head, 316SUS, 50mm, Aerobic, Small Inlet Bottom

Product SKU: 400-0312-FLS

Quick Overview

Product Type:Turbine Mixer Head

Brand:Foxx Life Sciences

Product Line:Teras

Capacity:10 - 60 L

Material:316 Stainless Steel

Operating Modes:Aerobic / Full Mix

Overall Dimensions:50 x 87 mm (2 x 3.4 inches)

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Foxx Life Sciences 10 - 60 L Teras Aerobic / Full Mix Reduced Inlet Bottom 316 Stainless Steel Turbine Mixer Head (Each)

** Mixing Head ONLY **

Next Generation Mixing Technology from Foxx Life Sciences. The Teras Turbine™ has four mixing modes: Top Anaerobic, Top Aerobic, Full Mixing, and Bottom Mixing. Top Anaerobic is ideal for mixing of less viscous material at the top of the carboy or bottle. Top Aerobic is for adding air into the mixture within the carboy or bottle. Full Mixing is for simultaneously circulating fluid from top to center and bottom to center. Bottom Mixing is for lifting heavy or viscous materials at the bottom of the carboy or bottle. Mixing heads are available in 15mm, 25mm, 50mm, and 100mm sizes, and are made of autoclavable stainless steel.

  • No external blades, which reduces the risk of injury during cleaning
  • Due to the high quality finish, there is minimal surface turbulence during mixing resulting in higher energy efficiency
  • The patented Teras Turbine head provides excellent vertical and horizontal mixing to produce a “full mix”
  • When paired with Foxx’s line of EZgrip carboys, mixing results are uniform and homogeneous with no dead spots

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