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Star Bar Stirring Heads, PTFE

Product SKU: 304455-0001NS

Quick Overview

PTFE Star Bar Stirring Heads offer true paddle configuration in each magnetic stirring head. 

Excellent mixing at slow speeds for biological applications. Features larger vortex for more complete mixing. 

Star Bar Stirring Heads  are high strength Alnico-V magnet for maximum coupling. Autoclavable. 

Available as a kit of all five sizes or individually.

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Stir Bar Stirring Head, PTFE 1.5" 304455-0005
Stir Bar Stirring Head, PTFE 0.375" 304455-0001
Stir Bar Stirring Head, PTFE 1" 304455-0003
Stir Bar Stirring Head, PTFE 1.25" 304455-0004
Stir Bar Stirring Head Kit, PTFE 304455

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