Simply a Superior Respirator Fit Tester

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing (QNFT) is now easier than ever. The SIBATA Mask Tester Pro (MT-05U) conforms to OSHA Protocol and brings a collection of features and benefits never before seen in the marketplace.
Simply Adapts

The SIBATA Mask Tester Pro (MT-05U) performs on any tight-fitting respirator - including N95s. This also includes:

  • Disposable N/R/P Series, 95/99/100, HEPA masks
  • PAPR
  • SCBA
  • Half-mask
  • Full-face
  • Gas mask

The unit is able to test all respirators out of the box and requires no additional modules or firmware.

Simply Intuitive

The SIBATA Mask Tester Pro is completely plug and play – just turn it on and you are ready to go! A step-by-step guide on the full-colour display will lead you through the latest OSHA protocols for QNFT.

Simply Faster

All tests, including N-95 and reusable respirators, are completed on the 3½ minute OSHA timings – the fastest in the industry!

Simply Sturdier

Crafted from thin-gauge steel, the SIBATA Mask Tester Pro is designed to last. An integrated carrying handle makes it safe and easy to transport. The entire unit, including the useful mirror, was designed with wipe-down decontamination in mind and weighs only 3.0 kg (6.6 lbs).

One Unit, Two Modes


The SIBATA Mask Tester Pro is a fully contained, out-of-the-box unit. Operated through the front touchscreen, the unit will guide the user through each exercise instruction and will display the results in real-time. Results will be logged and can easily be transferred to a computer later.


Test results are transferred to your computer in real-time and are saved automatically at the end of each test. Both fit test reports and cards can then be printed as required.


  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The SIBATA Mask Tester Pro is built to last and is backed by a two year warranty. Since the unit’s particle counting technology requires no alcohol, expenses associated with operation are minimized.

  • Fit Test and ‘Fit Check’!

You’ve been fit tested, but are you entering a potentially high-hazard area? The SIBATA Mask Tester Pro has a ‘Fit Check’ mode to quantify the respirators fit in real-time after you’ve donned your mask. A fit check guide is available which allows a disposable respirator to be checked for fit as part of a donning process.

  • It’s Quiet

The pump on the SIBATA Mask Tester Pro is extremely quiet and only runs during the tests. As a result, the subject enjoys a quieter fit testing experience, while the owner benefits from a long-lasting pump and less maintenance over the life of the instrument.