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Climomaster Model 6501 series Hot-wire Anemometer

Product SKU: 6501

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Climomaster Model 6501

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Climomaster Basic Unit 6501-0E
Climomaster Basic Unit + Analog out 6501-AE
Climomaster Basic Unit + Pressure Sensor 6501-BE
Climomaster Basic Unit + Analog & Pressure 6501-CE
Probe uni-directional, VTH 6531-2G
Probe uni-directional, VT 6541-2G
Probe uni-directional, VT, 50m/s 6561-2G
Probe omni-directional, needle, VT 6542-2G
Probe omni-directional, sphere, VTH 6533-2G
Probe omni-directional, sphere, VT 6543-2G
Probe omni-directional, mini I shape, V 6551-2G
Probe omni-directional, mini L Shape, V 6552-2G

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