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Cub Kits with Docking Stations


Quick Overview

The Cub docking station conveniently charges your Cub or Cub TAC instrument. The docking station is available in three variants:

  1. Cub charge docking station

  2. Cub charge docking station + data download

  3. Cub charge docking station + data download + calibration

Multiple docking stations can be connected via a cable that comes as standard with the docking station. 

They can also be secured to a work bench using the Cub dock mounting bracket.

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Cub TAC (10ppb - 5000ppm) + Data Dock CKTSXCAX-WD
Cub PPB (1ppb - 5000ppm) + Data Dock CKBSXCAX-WD
Cub PPM (0.1 - 5000ppm) + Data Dock CKPSXCAX-WD
Cub TAC (10ppb - 5000ppm) + Calibration Dock CKTSXCAX-WC
Cub PPB (1ppb - 5000ppm) + Calibration Dock CKBSXCAX-WC
Cub PPM (0.1 - 5000 ppm) + Calibration Dock CKPSXCAX-WC
Cub TAC (10ppb - 5000ppm) + Charge Dock CKTSXCAX-CH
Cub PPB (1ppb - 5000ppm) + Charge Dock CKBSXCAX-CH
Cub PPM (0.1 - 5000ppm) + Charge Dock CKPSXCAX-CH

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