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VF1, Filtration Set with 300ml, 47mm diameter Magnetic Funnel & 1000ml Flask

Product SKU: 167200-01

Quick Overview

Everything you need for general filtration of, for instance, suspended solids, is included in this VF1 Filtration Glass Set. Featuring a magnetic funnel (with a capacity of 300ml and a 47mm diameter) that works with a stopper and an ingenious suction bottle (1000ml) with a drain, solidly held down by a silicone suction base.

 Set Includes:

  • 300ml Magnetic filter holder

  • Silicon stopper (No.16)

  • 1000ml Receiver flask with drain, connectors & tubing with clamp

  • Silicone suction base

This complete glass filtration set features a magnetic funnel (300ml), a glass 1000ml suction bottle, a drain and suction base. Perfect for microbiology applications in general filtration and analysis of suspended solids.


The innovative magnetic connection used between the filter holder and waste bottle produces a quick and stable installation – no clamp needed. Perfect in general filtration for microbiology applications, suspended solid analyses, etc.

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