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Cub – PPM - Personal PID Gas Monitor


Quick Overview

Key Features:

Best available photoionisation detection (PID)

  • PID independently verified as best performing on the market

  • Unrivalled sensitivity detects down to ppb levels

  • Widest range detects gases 1 ppb – 5,000 ppm

  • In-built humidity resistance with no need to compensate

  • Anti-contamination design for extended field operation

  • Measures 480 selectable compounds (10.6 eV lamp)


  • Fastest (<13 second) response to hazardous gases & vapours

  • Clear audio, visual and vibrating alarms

  • Large LCD display for clear readings

  • Longest battery life (16 hours)

  • Meets ATEX, IECEx (US & Canadian certification pending)

Ease of use

  • Smallest, lightest personal PID monitor available

  • Simple one button operation

  • Intuitive software and simple calibration routine

  • Easy to service

  • Easily upgrade your instrument


Low cost operation

  • Inexpensive consumables and parts

  • Free 2 year warranty when instrument registered online

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