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Pall 7200 Tissuquartz™ filters, 2500 QAT-UP

Product SKU: 7200

Quick Overview

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Pall Pallflex Tissuquartz filters are made from pure quartz filters (with no binder) for air monitoring applications. Manufactured with reduced residual ion and organics content.  

Pall Pallflex Tissuquartz Filters can withstand high operating temperature and are ideal for analysis of acidic gas, stack sampling, and other harsh testing environments. 

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Tissuequartz are uniquely designed for air monitoring in high temperature and aggressive atmospheres. Heat treated for reduction of trace organics and superior chemical purity. High temperature use for analysis of acidic gases and stack sampling aerosols. High flow rate and filtration efficiency. Ultra-pure soft water processing to reduce residual ion content.

Filter Media: 
pure quartz, no binder
Typical Thickness: 432 μm (17 mils)
Typical Water Flow Rate at 0.35 bar (35 kPa, 5 psi): 220 mL/min/cm2
Typical Air Flow Rate at 0.7 bar (70 kPa, 5 psi): 73 L/min/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature- Air: 1093°C (2000°F)
pH in Boiled Water Extract: 6.5 - 7.5

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