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PALL Magnetic Filter Funnel, 47 mm

Product SKU: PALL4242

Quick Overview

Reusable Magnetic Filter Funnel is designed for vacuum filtration of liquids; especially for the analysis of microbial & particulate contamination using the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique.


  • Municipal water treatment testing

  • Surface water analysis

  • Plant process water testing

  • Drinking water analysis

  • Filtering reagents or measuring impurities in process fluids

  • Microbiology labs in beverage producers & water treatment facilities

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Filter funnels are used to measure and concentrate particulate in a fluid sample onto a membrane filter or to purify the filtrate.

  • Dual magnets enclosed in a sturdy base & funnel eliminate the need for cumbersome clamps
  • Integral, tight, leak-proof seal that allows one-handed operation
  • Handy forceps access port allows easy filter retrieval
  • Easy-to-read graduations starting at 50ml

The Magnetic Filter Funnel is ideal for use with a filter funnel manifold or side-arm vacuum flask using a rubber stopper connection.

The design prevents possible twisting and tearing of the filter membrane. A ridge on the sturdy base guides and holds the membrane in position. Durable, chemically resistant polyphenylsulfone plastic construction resists breaking, is compatible with anti-foaming agents & many other solvents and ensures a smooth inner surface for rinsing. Washable, autoclavable and UV compatible. 

Additional Information

Funnel capacity: 300ml
Funnel size: Accepts 47mm diameter filter (filters not included)
Materials of construction: Funnel body & stem - polyphenylsulfone
  Vent plug - polypropylene
  Support screen - polyphenylsulfone
 Dimensions: Overall height - 9 inches (22.9cm)
  Maximum diameter - 3 inches (7.6cm)
 Effective filtration area: 35mm (9.6cm2) effective diameter
 Outlet connection: Stem fits into standard one-hole No. 8 stopper
Maximum operating temperature: Limited by filter or 250°F (121°C)
Sterilization compatibility: Provided non-sterile; autoclave 121°C - 123°C @ approx. 1.05 bar (15psi) for a maximum of 15 minutes