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Laboratory Scissor Jack - Aluminum

Product SKU: 3588G

Quick Overview

Laboratory Scissor Jack

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Laboratory Scissor Jack, Aluminum 4x4" 3588-1
Laboratory Scissor Jack, Aluminum 6x6" 3588-2
Laboratory Scissor Jack, Aluminum 8x8" 3588-3

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Ideal for supporting or elevating different objects in the lab, like beakers, flasks, water baths, stirrer etc. Fitted with over-sized knob for easy adjustment. 

Additional Information

Technical Specifications

3588-1         Aluminum Support Jack, 4x4"     1.75" to 6"        Height

3588-2         Aluminum Support Jack, 6x6"     2.36" to 10.3"    Height

3588-3         Aluminum Support Jack, 8x8"     2.75" to 11.75"   Height