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Laboratory Scissor Jack | Aluminum

Product SKU: 3588G

Quick Overview

Aluminum scissor jacks privide stable height adjustment for various items in the lab such as flasks, baths and small equipment. Top and bottom decks are constructed of anodized aluminum. Oversized sure-grip adjustment knobs provide smooth and accurate height adjustment. 

Product Name SKU Price Qty
Laboratory Scissor Jack, Aluminum 4x4" 3588-1
Laboratory Scissor Jack, Aluminum 6x6" 3588-2

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Ideal for supporting or elevating different objects in the lab, like beakers, flasks, water baths, stirrer etc. Fitted with over-sized knob for easy adjustment. 

Additional Information

3588-1         Aluminum Support Jack, 4x4"     1.75" to 6"        Height

3588-2         Aluminum Support Jack, 6x6"     2.36" to 10.3"    Height

3588-3         Aluminum Support Jack, 8x8"     2.75" to 11.75"   Height