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Gas Sampling Bulbs

Product SKU: FD00-01-BULB

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Gas Sampling Bulbs are designed for sampling out of natural gas pipelines and especially useful for measuring water vapor. The 3 or 3.5 inch bulb connects to a valve on the pipeline via a 1/4 inch male pipe-threaded Swagelok® fitting. The bulb is flushed with gas and the gas is then sampled by inserting the detection tube through the holes in the side of the bulb.

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Stainless Steel Sampler Bulb w/ 1/4" male NPT, 3" Diameter FD00-01-BULBS
Stainless Steel Sampler Bulb w/ 1/4" male NPT, 3.5" Diameter FD00-01-BULBS2

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Stainless Steel Gas Sampling Bulb with 1/4" Male Pipe Thread, 3" or 3.5" Diameter

The 3" and 3.5" diameter Gas Sampling Bulbs (aka Accumulator Bulbs) are designed for use with all colorimetric gas detection tubes to sample out of a flowing gas pipeline. The 1/4″ male NPT threading screws into a valve on the pipeline and the holes in the bulb allow excess gas to escape while measuring with a tube and hand pump. The bulb is especially useful for measuring water vapor in natural gas pipelines where it is critical to avoid intrusion of ambient air. 

Designed for use with all gas detection tubes and concentrations of gas samples for an accurate reading with Dräger, Gastec, Honeywell, RAE Systems, Sensidyne and Uniphos colorimetric (stain tube detector) gas detection tubes.

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