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Gas Detection Monitors

Monitor ambient air for a variety of harmful organic and inorganic compounds with New Star Environmental’s gas detection monitors. From handheld to personal gas monitors, these vital instruments are ideal for use in site remediation, land fill, and general area surveys. Each gas detection monitor is designed to scan your surroundings and rapidly detect the presence of toxic particles beyond a certain threshold. These devices feature a variety of alert systems to ensure that the user is warned as quickly as possible. Some of these handheld and personal gas monitors have visual, audio, and vibration alerts. Manufactured from trusted companies, these gas detectors offer consistently reliable readings in any application.

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  1. 0.5 LPM Fixed Flow Regulator with C-10 Fitting

    Our most popular regulator is used with 34, 58 and 74 Liter Aluminum Cylinders as well as 103 Liter Steel Cylinders. Completely Nickel Plated, this high quality regulator is cost effective and a convenient method of gas flow regulation.

    • Value Inlet: C-10
    • Fits Cylinders: 103L, 74L, 58L, 34L
    • Flow Rate: 0.1 - 6 LPM Fixed
    • Made in USA
  2. 10.6 eV Lamp

    The PID 10.6 eV lamp is an internal element to the Ion Science PID sensor and is specifically designed for use only within Ion Science PID instruments.

    Used in the Cub Series, Tiger Series and Corvus Instruments PID monitors.

  3. 10m Extension Hose

    10m Extension Hose
  4. 2.1mm DC Jack- Cigar Lighter Plug Tiger Car Charger Lead

    2.1mm DC Jack- Cigar Lighter Plug Tiger Car Charger Lead
  5. 5m Extension Hose

    5m Extension Hose
  6. AA Battery Pack Assembly

    AA Battery Pack Assembly
  7. Borehole Probe (1501-2500 mm)

    Borehole Probe (1501-2500 mm)
  8. Borehole Probe (500-1500 mm)

    Borehole Probe (500-1500 mm)
  9. Cal Checks

    Gas leak detectors use standard calibrated leak (SCL) fittings for easy and reliable calibration. Gases include H2, He, SF6, Refrigerants, and any other non-corrosive gas. Standard systems give leaks of 5 x 10-4 cc/sec, but can be lowered to 5 x 10-8 cc/sec using lower concentration gas cylinders. SCL's are also sold separately to build into your own calibration system. 

    Prices around: $2,106.00

  10. CalCheck SF6

    CalCheck provides simple, fast and dependable self-calibration in cc/sec leak rates of Ion Science leak detectors ensuring on-going accuracy and confidence in your instruments.  Gases available include; helium, hydrogen, SF6, R134a, R22, R1301, R600a, and any other non-corrosive gas. Other leak rates are available, please contact us for more information.

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Items 1 to 10 of 102 total

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