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Vacuum Filtration Systems

Vacuum filtration systems are ideal for a variety of laboratory testing applications. New Star Environmental carries premium vacuum filtration equipment from ROCKER, a highly-esteemed brand throughout the scientific community. ROCKER manufactures affordable, high-quality vacuum filtration products including glass sets, vacuum pumps, manifolds, and funnels. Each system carried by New Star do not emit any air or oil pollution, featuring a maintenance-free design that requires no lubricant or oil changes. These vacuum filtration systems can be used for a variety of purposes including filtration for a suspended solid test, filtration for a microbiology test, and general laboratory filtration tests. From semi-active samplers to complete vacuum filtration sets, you will find the equipment you need at New Star Environmental.

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  1. Lafil 400 Series Vacuum Filtration / Purification System

    Lafil 400 is the world's first filtration system which combines vacuum source and filtrationware into one unit. Its compact design can save much bench space as compared with traditional platform.

     Lafil 400 - LF30 & LF32 Vacuum Filtration System specifications sheet.

     Lafil 400 - LF5a-500 Vacuum Filtration System specifications sheet.

    Click here for Lafil 400 BioDolphin Specifications

    Two Year Warranty

    Prices around: $676.00

  2. DAS-100 Semi-Active Sampler

    DAS-100 Semi-Active Sampler
  3. WaterVac 100 Vacuum Filtration System

    vacuum filtration system

  4. Rocker 300SS (Suspended Solids) Vacuum Filtration System

    (Suspended Solids) Vacuum Filtration System

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