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Filtration Glass Set with 100ml SS Funnel with 1000ml Flask


LF 33, 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 300ml Funnel

LF 32, 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 100ml Funnel

Product SKU: 197010-32

Quick Overview

LF 32, 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 100ml Funnel

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Applications :
For filtration requiring the sterilization such as microbiology test or use for purification of corrosive liquid, solvent etc.

Features :

  • Spin-lock connection facilitates fast and stable installation without clamp.
  • Stainless steel funnel offers excellent chemical resistance and can be fastly sterilized by flame.
  • Built-in overflow protection to keep the filtrate from overflowing when waste bottle is full.

Complete Set Include :

  • 100 ml Stainless Steel filter holder
  • 1200 ml PC waste bottle with cover
  • Overflow protection
  • Silicone stopper (No.16)
  • Cap with suction fitting

Specification : 


  •  Filter funnel - SUS316
  •  Funnel support base - SUS316
  •  Membrane support - SUS316
  •  Water bottle - PC

Specification :

  •  Funnel capacity: 100 ml
  •  Flask capacity: 1200 ml
  •  Filter diameter: 47mm / 50mm
  •  Effective filtration area : 9.6 cm²
  •  Port thread (I.D. tubing): 5/16 inch
  •  Funnel graduation : 50 ml



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