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Vacuum Filtration Set

A methodical application, vacuum filtration processes require multiple pieces in order to operate. To make things easier, New Star Environmental offers vacuum filtration sets that feature all the elements you need for performing this function. Shop here for vacuum filtration sets that include holders, stoppers, flasks, membrane holders, clamps, funnel cups, storage bottles, and more – please read the descriptions of each set here for a detailed list of items in the set.

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  1. VF1, Filtration Set with 300ml, 47mm diameter Magnetic Funnel & 1000ml Flask

    Everything you need for general filtration of, for instance, suspended solids, is included in this VF1 Filtration Glass Set. Featuring a magnetic funnel (with a capacity of 300ml and a 47mm diameter) that works with a stopper and an ingenious suction bottle (1000ml) with a drain, solidly held down by a silicone suction base.

     Set Includes:

    • 300ml Magnetic filter holder
    • Silicon stopper (No.16)
    • 1000ml Receiver flask with drain, connectors & tubing with clamp
    • Silicone suction base

    This complete glass filtration set features a magnetic funnel (300ml), a glass 1000ml suction bottle, a drain and suction base. Perfect for microbiology applications in general filtration and analysis of suspended solids.


    The innovative magnetic connection used between the filter holder and waste bottle produces a quick and stable installation – no clamp needed. Perfect in general filtration for microbiology applications, suspended solid analyses, etc.

  2. VF12, 47 mm Glass Filtration Set

    Distinct features that allow for a smoother filtration process are what sets the VF 12 apart from other glass filtration sets. For example, in applications that require filtering organic solvents can be timely and oftentimes a challenge when trying to establish chemical compatibility with filters (like PTFE, Nylon, or PVDF filters).



    The VF 12 will filter and store your substances into the accompanying GL45 storage bottle directly, thereby eliminating the need to transfer from the filtering flask.

    Suitable for GL45 Storage Bottle

    The filtration adaptor is designed to connect with GL45 storage bottles of all sizes from 1000ml to 5000ml and larger.

    Competitive Price

    The entire set, which includes the glass filter holder, stopper, bottle, and bottle adaptor rivals prices of other standard filtrations sets with filtering flasks.

    Patent, No.M508321
    Filtration Adaptor has been awarded a patent, No.M508321

    Complete Set Include :

    • 300ml Glass filter holder
    • Silicon stopper (No.8)
    • Filtration Adaptor for GL45 bottle
    • 1000ml Storage Bottle

    Applications :
    Ideal for the purification of organic, corrosive liquid such as solvent (mobile phase) for HPLC analysis.

    Download Data Sheet

  3. VF3, 47mm Glass Filtration SetVF3, 47mm Glass Filtration Set

    VF3, 47mm Glass Filtration Set

    Glass filtration set ideal for solvent purification and general filtration for microbiology, suspended solid analysis etc.

    Complete Set Include :

    • 300 ml Glass filter holder
    • Anodized aluminum clamp
    • 1000 ml Ground joint flask
    • Silicone fixing sucker

    Regular Price: $254.80

    Special Price $204.00

  4. LF30 47 mm Filtration Set with PES Funnel and Waste Bottle

    Material:  Filter funnel - PES  Funnel support base - PC  Membrane support - PP  Syringe filter - PTFE  Receiver flask - PC Specification :  Funnel capacity: 300 ml  Flask capacity: 1200 ml  Filter diameter: 47mm / 50mm  Effective filtration area : 12.5 cm²  Hose barb: 5/16 inch  Syringe filter : 25 mm, 0.2 μm
  5. 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 500ml Funnel

    47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder

  6. LF 33, 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 300ml Funnel

    LF 33, 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 300ml Funnel
  7. LF 32, 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 100ml Funnel

    LF 32, 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holder Set, 100ml Funnel
  8. 100 - 500 mL | 47mm Stainless Steel Filter Holders

    Spin-lock connection facilitates fast and stable installation without clamp.

    Stainless steel funnel offers excellent chemical resistance and can be fastly sterilized by flame.

    Download Specifications

    Prices around: $211.12

  9. VF6, 47mm Glass Filtration Set

    47mm Glass Filtration Set

  10. EZFlow, Assembly, 2000mL Flask, 500mL Funnel w/Ø47mm Glass Membrane

    • Material: Glass
    • Flask Volume: 2000mL
    • Funnel Cup Volume: 500mL
    • Membrane Holder Diameter: 47mm
    • Clamp material: Aluminum
    • Overall Dimension: 8.5" L x 7" W x 22.25" H
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Items 1 to 10 of 21 total