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Dosimeter Tube - Ethanol, box of 10

Product SKU: 112D

Quick Overview

Ethanol (Dosimeter Tube), 100-25000 ppm

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The passive dosimeter tube No. 112D provides the measurement of the mean value of Ethyl Alcohol in air by the principle of diffusion sampling. No air sampling equipment such as an aspiration pump or motor driven air sampler is needed for the measurement. The calibration marks printed on each tube indicate PPM x Hour & then the averaged concentration is determined by dividing the actual sampling time measured.

Additional Information

Ethanol Dosi-tube (C2H5OH) No. 112D

Measuring range: 100 to 25000ppm
Sampling time: 1 to 10 hours
Color change: Yellow → Brown
Corrections for temperature & humidity: Unnecessary
Relative standard deviation:

10% (for 1000 to 3000 ppm·hr)

5% (for 3000 to 25000 ppm·hr)

Shelf life: 3 years