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Workstation units are an ideal addition to your labs. We've got workstations designed in a multitude of configurations and sizes to suit your individual preferences or space availability. Store and sort medical supplies, office supplies, tools, etc., using the workstation compartments, slots, and shelving, many specific to particular items. Browse our products here, which include standalone, rotating, multi-compartment, and wrap-around workstation styles, just to name a few. Plus, we have some workstations that you can customize yourself!

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  1. White PVC Small pH Meter Supplies Organizer: 12 x 12 x 5 inches WHD

    • Brightens lab appearance with white PVC construction and gives lab a clean appearance
    • Creates order with compartments to store wash bottles, wipers, cups, pipettes and buffers
    • Adds safety with one inch safety lip on every shelf to store items securely
    • Protects bench and prevents stains by containing leaks and drips
    • Encourages cleanliness and neatness by making it easy to put supplies away
    • Adds efficiency because tools are right at hand, ready to use
    • Saves money because expensive supplies are protected from spills
    • Keeps area around pH meter neat and clean
    • Built in wiper dispenser and tool holder
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1 Item(s)