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Workstation units are an ideal addition to your labs. We've got workstations designed in a multitude of configurations and sizes to suit your individual preferences or space availability. Store and sort medical supplies, office supplies, tools, etc., using the workstation compartments, slots, and shelving, many specific to particular items. Browse our products here, which include standalone, rotating, multi-compartment, and wrap-around workstation styles, just to name a few. Plus, we have some workstations that you can customize yourself!

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  1. White PVC Small pH Meter Supplies Organizer: 12 x 12 x 5 inches WHD

    • Brightens lab appearance with white PVC construction and gives lab a clean appearance
    • Creates order with compartments to store wash bottles, wipers, cups, pipettes and buffers
    • Adds safety with one inch safety lip on every shelf to store items securely
    • Protects bench and prevents stains by containing leaks and drips
    • Encourages cleanliness and neatness by making it easy to put supplies away
    • Adds efficiency because tools are right at hand, ready to use
    • Saves money because expensive supplies are protected from spills
    • Keeps area around pH meter neat and clean
    • Built in wiper dispenser and tool holder
  2. Workstation Top Loader White PVC

    • Eliminates clutter around scales and balances
    • Protects, stores and dispenses expensive weighing supplies
    • Keeps bench top clean, neat and organized
    • Features built-in Kimwipe dispenser, tool holders and multi-sized compartments

    Prices around: $95.95

  3. Workstation Pipettor White PVC

    • Attractive secure storage of loose tips
    • Safe storage pipettors
    • Makes it easy to feel and take tips
    • Available in 2 size

    Constructed of white PVC plastic with an acrylic bin. Weight: 2 lbs. Holds up to 6 pipettors. Light weight and easy to move. Wipes clean with mild soap and water.

    Prices around: $67.45

  4. Workstation Mini Balance Bank Organizer White PVC

    • Keeps supplies clean, dry and neat
    • Holds 1 Box of Small Kimwipes for easy dispensing
    • Tool with 6 positions for small tools
    • Durable, white PVC construction
    • Useful around scales, balances, pH meters and as a personal organizer
    • Use in bathrooms, kitchens, garage or work
    • 12 x 12 x 5 inches WHD

    Prices around: $76.95

  5. Workstation MIDI Organizer White PVC

    • Three shelves, sixteen compartments hold weigh papers, boats, pipettes, spatulas, calculators and more
    • Built in wiper holds boxes of Kimwipes or Accuwipes wipers
    • Seven hole tool holder for pens, pencils, pipettes, NMR tubes or other tall, thin items
    The best 16" of gear on the lab bench with built-in wiper holder. Easy-to-clean PVC. The lab bench top always has a plethora of supplies and tools on it because it's where you work. Organizing, protecting and being able to find things when you need it can make your job a lot easier. Small benchtop storage like the medium Weighing Organizer featured here, hold, sort, protect and encourage neatness and added lab safety. With a variety of sized compartments, durable construction and flexible design you can perfect a special work area easily.

    Prices around: $99.75

  6. Workstation Deluxe BenchBooster White PVC

    • Sorts, stores and protects high use supplies
    • Keeps work area clean, neat and organized
    • Bright white PVC plastic construction
    • Easy to clean
    • 17 various sized compartments
    • Built in Kimwipe dispenser
    • Tool holder for pens, spatulas etc
    • Log book or document holder
    • Durable and light weight
    • 24 x 12 x 8 inches (width height depth)
    • 5 pounds

    Prices around: $174.80

  7. Workstation All in One Organizer Rotating Large White PVC

    White PVC with bottle holders, small Kimwipe (34155) dispenser, tool holders and glove box holder all in one
    • Multi compartment secure holder for lab supplies
    • Turns 360 degrees to easily reach items
    • Smooth rotating industrial turntable
    • Designated place for squeeze bottles, pens, calculators and more
    • 2 sizes: small or large
    Holds gloves, wipers, spatulas, tubes, vials, reagents, wipers or other favorite supplies.
    Easy rotating with secure hold power.
    The Maximum Lab Organizer is an All-in-One personal storage organizer. This rotating organizer holds gloves, wash bottles, spatulas, small Kimwipes (34155) or other paper wipers like Accuwipe or Shur Wipe brand wipers.
    Lots of compartments to store vials, bottles, pens or reagents. It's perfect for sharing supplies or just reaching high-use items quickly. Secure in a compartment, the unit rotates with a high quality, ball bearing turntable.

    Prices around: $86.45

  8. Workstation Wraparound White PVC with 13 Compartments and 15 Slot Tool Holder 33 X 12 X 12 inches WHD

    • Extra large storage that creates its own work area
    • Organizes, stores and protects supplies while adding easy-reach efficiency
    • Simple to use and easy to fill
  9. Workstation Wrap Around Deluxe White PVC with 10 Compartments and 15 Slot Tool Holder 33 X 12 X 12 inches WHD

    • Three shelves, built-in Kimwipe Box holder, tool holders
    • Wrap-a-round design creates workspace in the center
    • Offer fingertip access to organized supplies

    Invaluable for any bench top, this personal organizer holds pens, pencils, calculators, reagents, lab tissues, lab books, notebooks, spatulas. Appropriately designed to keep your work area clean and neat and supplies protected like never before. These units are lightweight but sturdy, easy to clean and can be bleached or cleaned with mild solvent to give years of valuable laboratory service.

    Wrap around design creates a protected center work area. Features three shelves and two built-in tool holders, plus book holder and two lab wiper dispensers. Holds manuals, supplies, and much more.

  10. Workstation Roll Top Small White HDPE with 8 Compartments and Locking Tambour Door 12 X 19 X 9 inches WHD

    • HDPE top, sides, bottom and shelves for chemical durability
    • Roll-top door rolls up and disappears out of the way
    • Two sizes have a variety of compartments to sort and organize supplies

    These workstations feature HDPE construction with remarkable roll-top doors. The door easily slides open to reveal two shelves with safety lips to keep the contents from falling off. The tightly fitting door protects the contents and keeps them out of the way when not in use. These efficient workstations simplify your work space and enhance the look of your lab.

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Items 1 to 10 of 15 total