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Protection Shields

An absolute must in all medical labs, TrippNT presents protection shields in a variety of shapes, sizes, and angles to conform with a better and safer environment in laboratories. Our protection shields are constructed with acrylic and protects users from drafts, spills, splashes, flying contamination, and other biohazards associated with medical labs. Shop this department to find the following safety shields: Draft Fortresses and Draft Shields - blocks air drafts around delicate equipment and available in various sizes, either free standing or mountable. Biohazard Personal Protection Shield protects from airborne debris, in a comfortable working angle (available in extra-wide sizes, also). Also, Free Standing Biohazard Shield, Ultra Heavy Splash Guard, and Clear Acrylic Hazardous Waste Storage with Secondary Containers.

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  1. Clear Acrylic Equipment Draft Shields in 4 Sizes

    • Blocks air drafts around delicate equipment
    • Sits conveniently over item
    • Overhanging panel offers protection from downward drafts
    • Half circle cut out at bottom feeds cords or wires
    • Clear acrylic construction
    • 4 sizes: 13, 15, 18 & 22 inch cubes

    Prices around: $115.90

  2. Clear Acrylic Ultra Heavy Splash Guard: 16 x 21 x 10 inches WHD

    • Heavy duty 3/8 acrylic to protect from caustic or corrosive liquids
    • Completely transparent from all angles
    • Cost effective protection
  3. Free Standing Acrylic Biohazard Shields in 3 Sizes

    • Free standing and stores flat
    • Crystal Clear Acrylic Construction
    • Three sizes

    Prices around: $282.15

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3 Item(s)