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Lab Tables

Stock up your medical lab with TrippNT’s assortment of durable lab tables. For swift access of bottle, tools, etc., browse our selection of non-skid surface turntables – featuring either a non-stick cork surface or white PVC – each available in three sizes. For larger surface needs, the White PVC Bench Top Lab Equipment Tables are in 9 different sizes that can be used on benches, counters, or floors. Additionally, our Precision Benchtop Leveling Platforms, in either clear acrylic or white polyethylene, are highly useful for leveling liquids or gels. Please check out the descriptions here for more details.

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  1. White PVC Top Turntable in 3 Sizes

    • White PVC plastic surface
    • Handles a heavy load while rotating easily
    • Great for shared supplies and reagents

    Prices around: $42.18

  2. White PVC Bench Top Lab Equipment Tables in 9 Sizes

    • Strong tables or shelves create more work space
    • Use on bench, counter, cabinet or floor
    • Safety lip keeps items secure
    • White 1/2 inch PVC construction
    • Frees up bench space
    • 9 sizes and shapes to fit any space
    • Hole in top for cords and wires to pass through

    Prices around: $48.04

  3. Precision Benchtop Leveling Platforms in 6 Choices from Acrylic or Polyethylene

    • Bench top platforms for leveling liquids or gels
    • Built in bubble level to see when platform is perfectly level
    • Acrylic or polyethylene construction
    • Easy to adjust tripod leveling legs
    • 3 sizes
    • Choose from clear acrylic or chemically inert polyethylene

    Prices around: $79.41

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3 Item(s)