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Dispensers & Holders

Have everything you need close by or at your fingertips, keep supplies safe and steady and at the ready with our selection of dispensers and holders. The items that every medical lab needs to function require the proper holders and dispensers and we've got them at TrippNT. Glove boxes - both plain or with cheerful cut-out images like happy faces, stars, and animals; paper towel dispensers in varying sizes; ABS bottle holders in eight sizes; polyethylene bottle holders that hold from one to nine bottles; Kimwipe holders both plain and in a smiley face; acrylic rotating bottle holders; dispensing paper towel holders in multiple colors and designs, because every lab doesn't have to look clinical and white; Kimwipe PVC lab wiper dispensers with optional mounts; Crystal Clear Acrylic Stand for iPads and Tablets; electrode holders with heavy HDPE base, pipettor holders, and much more. Browse through to see the complete list of our dispensers and holders.

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  1. White PVC Small pH Meter Supplies Organizer: 12 x 12 x 5 inches WHD

    • Brightens lab appearance with white PVC construction and gives lab a clean appearance
    • Creates order with compartments to store wash bottles, wipers, cups, pipettes and buffers
    • Adds safety with one inch safety lip on every shelf to store items securely
    • Protects bench and prevents stains by containing leaks and drips
    • Encourages cleanliness and neatness by making it easy to put supplies away
    • Adds efficiency because tools are right at hand, ready to use
    • Saves money because expensive supplies are protected from spills
    • Keeps area around pH meter neat and clean
    • Built in wiper dispenser and tool holder
  2. White PVC Small Kimwipe 34155 Holder with Double Faced Mounting Tape: 5 x 4 x 5" WHD

    • White PVC plastic construction
    • Double sided tape included
    • Fits Kimwipes Kimberly Clark XL Wipers Part No. 34155
    • Fits Accuwipe 29712

    Prices around: $11.40

  3. White ABS Bottle Holders in 8 Sizes

    • Keep bottles upright and secure
    • Stabilize top heavy plastic bottles
    • Prevents bottles from tipping over
    • White, chemically resistant ABS plastic
    • 500 mL: 3 1/8 inch diameter hole
    • 1000 mL: 3 3/4 inch diameter hole

    Prices around: $14.25

  4. Workstation Rotating White PVC with 11 Compartments 4 Slot Tool Holder and Book Holder

    A 2 sided shelf with divided compartments, a tool holder and a document holder

    • 350 degree rotating shelf
    • Shelves are divided to sort supplies
    • 2 sides
    • Heavy duty industrial turntable
    • Built in tool holder and document holder
    • Built in Kimwipe dispenser*
    • White PVC plastic construction
    • Makes good use of corners
    • 15 x 13 x 13 inches (width height depth)
  5. Workstation Access Egress Organizer White PVC

    Workstation Access Egress Organizer White PVC with Mounting Keyholes 3 Hooks 3 Bins 4 Compartment Safetey Glasses Holder Single Glove Box Holder and Shelf 18 1/8 X 19 7/8 X 7 1/5 inches WHD
  6. Acrylic Six Position Slanted Auto Pipettor Holder in 7 Colors: 11 x 9 x 7 inches WHD

    • Holds six pipettes
    • Angled for easy use
    • Color code with six neon choices

    Prices around: $38.00

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6 Item(s)