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We know lab carts and our standards are high, so that means that with TrippNT you have access to only the highest quality, corrosion-free medical carts, mobile equipment carts, as well as cart accessories and mobile healthcare storage carts and units. With over 21 years combined cart-building experience, you can feel confident that the medical/laboratory cart you seek, we’ll have. Can’t find what you’re looking for? TrippNT also customizes and will design laboratory carts to your desired specifications. Browse through our selection of lab carts including, storage shelves, workstations, cart bins, drawer organizers, element healthcare carts, lab tables, cabinets, protection shields, and other general cart accessories. Whatever your lab needs are, TrippNT Carts is your solution.

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  1. TrippNT 50001 White PVC Mega HPLC Holder for 108 Columns | 15W x 16H x 16D

    A cabinet with fully removable drawers and 108 adjustable compartments with lids
    • Sorts, stores and protects HPLC columns
    • Removable trays with acrylic lids
    • Dividers create 108 long compartments
    • 15 x 16 x 16 inches (width height depth)
    • 29 pounds

    Prices around: $570.00

  2. White Styrene 4 Compartment Cart Drawer Organizer

    • Four equally sized long compartments
    • Made of high-impact styrene for strength & a full apron for transport
    • Rounded corners for easy cleaning, smooth, non-scratching surface
    • Internal Compartment Size: 5 x 2.25 x 7" (WHD)
  3. White Styrene 6 Compartment Cart Drawer Organizer

    • Sorts and organizes small items
    • White high impact styrene construction
    • Rugged and strong
    • Can be used as a tray
    • 12 x 2 x 16 inches (width height depth)
  4. Extra White Dividers for Adjustable Pipette Storage Box Drawer Organizers

    • 2 Dividers Included
    • Made of White PVC
    • Fits organizers 50069 and 50492
    • Use in addition to ones received with original drawer organizer
  5. Free Standing Acrylic Biohazard Shields in 3 Sizes

    • Free standing and stores flat
    • Crystal Clear Acrylic Construction
    • Three sizes

    Prices around: $282.15

  6. White PVC/Acrylic Dispensing Bins

    • Storage bins that load from the top and dispense from the bottom
    • 4 sizes
    • White PVC plastic and clear acrylic construction
    • Removable lids for filling

    Prices around: $51.30

  7. Clear Acrylic Ultra Heavy Splash Guard: 16 x 21 x 10 inches WHD

    • Heavy duty 3/8 acrylic to protect from caustic or corrosive liquids
    • Completely transparent from all angles
    • Cost effective protection
  8. Clear Acrylic Equipment Draft Shields in 4 Sizes

    • Blocks air drafts around delicate equipment
    • Sits conveniently over item
    • Overhanging panel offers protection from downward drafts
    • Half circle cut out at bottom feeds cords or wires
    • Clear acrylic construction
    • 4 sizes: 13, 15, 18 & 22 inch cubes

    Prices around: $115.90

  9. White PVC Small pH Meter Supplies Organizer: 12 x 12 x 5 inches WHD

    • Brightens lab appearance with white PVC construction and gives lab a clean appearance
    • Creates order with compartments to store wash bottles, wipers, cups, pipettes and buffers
    • Adds safety with one inch safety lip on every shelf to store items securely
    • Protects bench and prevents stains by containing leaks and drips
    • Encourages cleanliness and neatness by making it easy to put supplies away
    • Adds efficiency because tools are right at hand, ready to use
    • Saves money because expensive supplies are protected from spills
    • Keeps area around pH meter neat and clean
    • Built in wiper dispenser and tool holder
  10. White PVC Top Turntable in 3 Sizes

    • White PVC plastic surface
    • Handles a heavy load while rotating easily
    • Great for shared supplies and reagents

    Prices around: $42.18

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Items 1 to 10 of 48 total