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Non-Reactive Single Gas

Get your next container of Gasco calibration gas at New Star Environmental. Designed with the environment in mind, each cylinder of Gasco calibration gas comes secure in a refillable aluminum container. These cylinders can be reused again and again, eliminating disposal fees and continual paperwork. After the original precision gas mixture is emptied, these containers can be filled with both pure and mixed gases. The same size as other 58-liter disposable cylinders, these containers cost the same amount of money as a standard throw-away. Each container of Gasco precision gas mixture features a 50 PPM carbon monoxide, balance nitrogen blend.

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  1. Calibration Gas

    TIGER & TIGER LT instruments have space in the case for one cylinder 44L or 116L size. Tiger users would normally use 100ppm Isobutylene and 0.5 LPM regulator although the unit can be calibrated with any PIDable cal gas and with a 0.5 LPM or demand flow regulator. 

    TIGER SELECT users have more choices. The most popular cal gas is 5ppm Benzene for both the TAC and tube modes although some users like to calibrate the TAC mode with Isobutylene to reduce the benzene cal gas used. As with the Tiger the case has space for one 44L or 116L cylinder and you can use either a 0.5 LPM or demand flow regulator. 

    CUB units can be manually calibrated using a 0.5 LPM regulator and single gas mixture, PPM and PPB units are calibrated with 100ppm Isobutylene while TAC units are calibrated with 5ppm Benzene. If you have the calibration docking station you need an demand flow regulator. When using the docking station the 116L cylinder is preferred. 

    TITAN units must be used with an demand flow regulator and are normally calibrated with 5ppm Benzene. Due to the time a cal cycle takes it is advised to use the 116L cylinders. 

    TVOC & FALCO units need 10ppm, 100ppm, or 1000ppm Isobutylene depending on the range being used. A non pumped setup should be calibrated with a 0.5 LPM regulator while a pumped configuration should use an demand flow regulator. 

    NOTE. (50% LEL Methane, 18% O2, 100 ppm CO, 25 ppm H2S)

    Prices around: $117.00

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2 Item(s)