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Calibration Gases

Shop calibration gas mixtures and other related components at New Star Environmental. We offer precision calibration gas mixtures to calibrate a variety of laboratory instruments including portable gas monitors, indoor air quality monitors, fixed gas detection systems, continuous emission monitoring systems, infrared gas detection, process gas chromatographs, ion mobility spectrometers, flame ionization detectors, photo ionization detectors, and other monitoring and detection technologies. Our calibration gas components include carbon monoxide calibration gas and premium Demand Flow Regulators. Our carbon monoxide calibration gas is sold in refillable aluminum canisters to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment.

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  1. Demand Flow Regulator with C-10 Fitting

    Demand Flow Regulator with C-10 Fitting
  2. Calibration Gas

    TIGER & TIGER LT instruments have space in the case for one cylinder 44L or 116L size. Tiger users would normally use 100ppm Isobutylene and 0.5 LPM regulator although the unit can be calibrated with any PIDable cal gas and with a 0.5 LPM or demand flow regulator. 

    TIGER SELECT users have more choices. The most popular cal gas is 5ppm Benzene for both the TAC and tube modes although some users like to calibrate the TAC mode with Isobutylene to reduce the benzene cal gas used. As with the Tiger the case has space for one 44L or 116L cylinder and you can use either a 0.5 LPM or demand flow regulator. 

    CUB units can be manually calibrated using a 0.5 LPM regulator and single gas mixture, PPM and PPB units are calibrated with 100ppm Isobutylene while TAC units are calibrated with 5ppm Benzene. If you have the calibration docking station you need an demand flow regulator. When using the docking station the 116L cylinder is preferred. 

    TITAN units must be used with an demand flow regulator and are normally calibrated with 5ppm Benzene. Due to the time a cal cycle takes it is advised to use the 116L cylinders. 

    TVOC & FALCO units need 10ppm, 100ppm, or 1000ppm Isobutylene depending on the range being used. A non pumped setup should be calibrated with a 0.5 LPM regulator while a pumped configuration should use an demand flow regulator. 

    NOTE. (50% LEL Methane, 18% O2, 100 ppm CO, 25 ppm H2S)

    Prices around: $117.00

  3. Deluxe Calibration Gas Cylinder Carrying Case

    Perfect solution for easy transport of the 17 and 34 liter cylinder as well as the 44, 58, and 66 Liter compact cylinders.

    • Available in two colors- All black or blue with black handles and closures
    • Room for accompanying accessories
    • Lightweight design
    • Hardshell plastic casing
    • Holds two cylinders, regulators and small/medium monitor
    • Dimensions 17" x 14" x 4.5"
    • Made in the USA

    Safely store and transport two calibration gas cylinders, regulators, and gas monitor.

  4. Calibration Gas Cylinder Carrying Case

    Carry over both shoulders in front or back pack style, carry in comfort

    • Versatile shoulder strap can be used over one shoulder, across the chest or back pack style
    • No longer top heavy – stands vertically alone or mounts on wall
    • Constructed of hard plastic
    • Double hinged door, tubing and regulator holders
    • Velcro straps hold regulators in place - storage area for tubing
    • Convenient one handle design allows case to open easily while strapped on
    • Top third of case opens to allow you to perform calibrations while carrying the case
    • Ideal for carrying any combination of two: 34, 44, 58, 100, 103, 105 or 116 Liter Cylinders

    Safely store and transport two calibration gas cylinders and equipment. 

    Dimensions 24" x 9" x 5". 

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5 Item(s)