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BioVac 631, 6-Places Stainless Steel Manifold-Includes Six (6) 100ml Funnels

Product SKU: 167103-27

Quick Overview

Number of branch: 6
Funnel capacity: 100 ml x 6
Filter diameter: 47mm / 50mm
Port thread (I.D. tubing): 5/16 in.
Effective filtration area : 9.6 cm²
 Body - SUS316
 Control valve - SUS316
 Funnel - SUS316
 Funnel support base - SUS316
 Handle - SUS316
 Connector - SUS316

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Features :
The whole set is made of SUS316
All parts of BioVac 330, 630 manifold are made of SUS316, which offer excellent chemical resistance and can be fastly sterilized by flame, steam and oven etc..

The patented spin-lock design
The manifold uses a patented spin-lock connection which facilitates fast and stable installation without clamp.

Individual control valve
Each branch permits individual control.

Compatible to different size of funnels
BioVac 330, 630 manifolds are available to fit 100, 300, 500 ml funnel optionally.

Applications :

  • Filtration for microbiology test
  • Chemical experiment
  • General liguid filtration

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