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Collection Devices

Collect air samples and ensure optimal air quality with New Star Environmental’s air quality monitoring devices. These DIR collection devices include all of the necessary hardware to collect air samples and other DIR toxic emissions for TO-1-1A and TO-15 methods. These collection devices are typically made with a SS canister or a Siltek-treated canister. We carry an array of air quality monitoring devices from single and multiple canister samplers to canister collection devices, ambient air samplers, and indoor air quality monitors. Regardless of whether you need to continually monitor air quality or periodically sample for airborne toxins, New Star Environmental has the reliable machinery you need to keep your establishment safe.

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  1. Ambient Air Sampler, Model 901

    Ambient Air Sampler

  2. Ambient Air Sampler, Model 910

    Ambient Air Sampler, Model 910

  3. Canister Collection Devices

    Canister Collection Devices

  4. Indoor Air Quality Monitor IQM60

    Indoor Air Quality Monitor IQM60

  5. Model 911 Canister Sampler

    Model 911 Canister Sampler

  6. Multi-Canister Sampling Adapter

    Multi-Canister Sampling Adapter

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6 Item(s)