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Particle Monitors

Particle monitors make it easy to measure airborne particulates and maintain optimal indoor air quality. New Star Environmental carries a variety of air quality monitoring equipment that can be used in a variety of industries, including food processing, microelectronics, optics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and agriculture. These particle monitors work by scattering light from lasers to count individual particulates in a specific setting. Choose from handheld models, high volume instruments, and even cotton dust samplers. Air quality monitoring equipment prevents as much exposure as possible to harmful airborne contaminants such as cotton dust, irritating fibers, and other particles.

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  1. Indoor Air Quality Monitor IQM60

    Indoor Air Quality Monitor IQM60

  2. Met One Instruments, G3115 Portable Printer - Use w/Handheld Monitor

    Its portable size makes it convenient to use with your handheld particle counter / monitor. Connect with your software to print data reports from your handheld particle counter devices.
  3. Flow Meter Kit. Use with GT-521

    This flow meter kit is the only optional accessory for the GT-321. 9801, Flow Meter Kit. Use with GT-521, GT-526S, AEROCET-531S, 804, 831. 

  4. Temperature / Humidity Sensor

    As the one of the key features of the handheld particle counters is the temperature and humidity options, New Star Environmental offers temperature / humidity sensors to purchase separately as a needed accessory for your particle counters. The sensor is used for applications requiring proper humidity and temperature measurement.
  5. HPC601 Airborne Particle Counter

    The standard HPC601 Particle Counter includes a handheld unit, an isokinetic probe, an AC charger, a CD with user manual and USB remote sampling & data download software, a portable carrying case and a NIST-traceable calibration certificate.

    Download the HPC601 Brochure PDF Here

    HPC601 Manual


    • Cleanroom monitoring
    • Indoor air quality testing
    • Filter testing
    • Contamination control
    • Particle size distribution analysis


    • All 6 channels continuously adjustable with 0.1 micron step resolution
    • Sample to sample reproducibility
    • Combine both handheld and portable functionalities with a build-in mini-printer
    • Up to 6000 internal data memory
    • Automatic sampling and excess-count-limit warning
    • USB, RS232 and RJ45 interfaces for data download and remote sampling
    • High precision, digital, external temperature and humidity sensors
    • Durable key pads with a large blue LCD display
  6. 0.2um (Zero-Count) Purge Filter

    Handheld Laser Particle Counter

  7. Leveled Mini-Tripod

    Handheld Laser Particle Counter

  8. Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Handheld Laser Particle Counter

  9. Cotton Dust Sampler

    Cotton Dust Sampler

  10. Portable TSP Hi-Vol Sampler

    Portable TSP Hi-Vol Sampler

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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total