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Ambient Air Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring equipment is widely used to monitor the emissions of a variety of pollutants, including particle matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and lead. New Star Environmental carries instrumentation to measure and determine the presence of gases and other particles. Our air monitoring devices include a variety of particle monitors, gas detectors, cotton dust samplers, aerosol monitors, and more. Our ambient air monitoring equipment is necessary for a wide range of applications including site remediation and monitoring air quality for asthma patients. You can also use our equipment to monitor other spaces that require consistently clean air. We carry air monitoring devices from only the most trusted brands in the industry to ensure reliability and quality.

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  1. Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device

    Airthinx Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Device


    To meet the growing demand for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management, Airthinx delivers the first of its kind IAQ monitoring solution. Airthinx works ‘Out of the Box’ and is so easy to deploy, its onboard SIM card means, there is virtually no installation required.

    In comparison to static monitoring, continuous monitoring means it is possible to identify the causes of environmental changes more easily and react in real-time to the variability of air pollution.

    Airthinx’s revolutionary solution utilizes Netronix’s innovative core technology to achieve an easy to use cloud-based system designed specifically for continuous long-term monitoring with a compact, low-cost, wireless device and 9 built in sensors (PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10, CO2, CH2O, VOCs, Temperature, Humidity & Pressure).

    Airthinx brings users the most accurate, precise industrial level measurements, never before seen information via instantaneous and real-time alerts, a better understanding of IAQ data, the most accurate assessment of exposure, simple IAQ management, and healthier indoor spaces, everywhere in the world.


    Airthinx™ is a fully-hosted, web-based application that enables end users to perform real-time indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring and historical analysis of captured data, as well as, to collaborate with peers in an intuitive web-based environment.


    Airthinx makes data trully available on the go. It has been designed on an architecture that makes it accesible on any mobile device without any loss of features and functionality, while maintaining an outstanding UI/UX.

  2. Temperature / Humidity Sensor

    As the one of the key features of the handheld particle counters is the temperature and humidity options, New Star Environmental offers temperature / humidity sensors to purchase separately as a needed accessory for your particle counters. The sensor is used for applications requiring proper humidity and temperature measurement.
  3. Flow Meter Kit. Use with GT-521

    This flow meter kit is the only optional accessory for the GT-321. 9801, Flow Meter Kit. Use with GT-521, GT-526S, AEROCET-531S, 804, 831. 

  4. Met One Instruments, G3115 Portable Printer - Use w/Handheld Monitor

    Its portable size makes it convenient to use with your handheld particle counter / monitor. Connect with your software to print data reports from your handheld particle counter devices.
  5. USB to Serial Adapter

    New Star Environmental offers as an accessory to your handheld particle counters a USB to serial adapter but this may also be used for other tools and applications as well when you need to convert USB data indicators to serial ports – as well as from serial ports to USB.
  6. RAC 3-Gas Sampler

    RAC 3-Gas Sampler

    Prices around: $7,160.40

  7. RAC 5-Gas Sampler

    RAC 5-Gas Sampler

    Prices around: $4,628.00

  8. GasCheck G1

    GasCheck G1

  9. GasCheck G2

    GasCheck G1

  10. GasCheck G3

    GasCheck G1

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