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Air Sampling Filter Storage & Shipping Dish

Product SKU: NS-1504700

Quick Overview

Air Sampling Filter Storage & Shipping Dish

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The filter storage and transport container is perfect for ambient and emission air quality field and laboratory research and analysis. Made from clear polystyrene, the circular petri dish is molded directly onto a rectangular base and has rounded corners to assure easy handling, labeling and stacking. Now available from stock, available in boxes of 100. Holds the filter media with sample tightly in the petri dish with a transparent removable lid. The cover allows visual inspection of the filter, and the rectangular base allows easy handling, labeling and barcode. Easily stacked and moisture proof for transport and refrigeration as well as reusable after cleaning

  • Suitable for use with 47mm filters for ambient air monitoring for total particulate, fine particles PM 2.5 and PM 10
  • One 47mm Microfiber or PTFE Filter Fits Securely in the Petri Dish

Additional Information

Sterilized polystyrene storage and examination containers for culturing microorganisms.

  • Hold 47mm filter securely in place
  • Transparent cover allows microscopic examination without removal
  • Rectangular base has rounded corners for mounting on microscopic stage
  • Stored in cartons or standard slide cases
  • Use pure cellulose pads for microbiological analysis
  • Use without pads for contamination analysis