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5L Carboy, Dark Amber PP, 83B Cap

Product SKU: 15N-1111-OEM

Quick Overview

  • Height (w/Cap): 16.4" (417mm)

  • Height (w/o Cap) 16.1" (406mm)

  • Length: 8.66" (220mm)

  • Width: 5.16" (131mm)

  • Approximate Capacity(max): 6.9L

  • Carboy Material: Dark Amber Polypropylene

  • Cap Material: Polypropylene

Made in the USA, USP Class VI, BPA Free

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EZgrip ® Carboys have advanced the design of traditional plastic carboys to offer a more versatile container suited for research, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. EZgrip carboys maximize storage and improve overall ease of use. A unique rectangular shape requires less bench space while improving handling and storage capabilities. Large handles on top of the carboys along with molded grips in the base make lifting, handling and pouring much easier. For an easier cleaning option, choose the optional wide neck EZgrip carboys which allows you to reach inside the container. Material, volume and metric graduations are imprinted on the outside of the container and are easy to read. Graduation marks are certified to ±5% accuracy. 


Amber HDPE carboys are manufactured with a FDA grade, BPA-free, and a USP Class VI material. 

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