All About Air Sampling Pumps from New Star Environmental

Buck air sampling pumps are used in air sampling as abatement instruments for airborne asbestos and lead monitoring as well as many other applications. They are low cost and high performance air sample pumps with rugged design and rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. These sampling pumps are very simple to operate and require no tools to operate and the flow settings for the air sample may be saved and ready to start the next day. Portable and light weight, the Buck air sampling pumps are guaranteed for one year. They are manufactured to be the most advanced and innovative sampling pumps for indoor air sampling in occupational health, environmental and other safety disciplines. When your needs call for personal air sampling pumps, look to New Star Environmental and A.P.Buck pumps.

Air Sampling Pumps

New Star Environmental offers a line of A.P. Buck air sampling pumps including the Buck Libra Plus LP-1; Buck Basic 1 Pump ETL; Basic 5 Pump NiMH; Basic 5 Pump ETL and the Buck Elite-5 Pump. These are designed with the most up-to-date technology and offer many features such as programmable personal air sample settings, data logging and downloading of data into a PC. For example, the Basic-5 Buck Personal Air Sample Pump is a powerful 5-liter sample pump that can handle both personal and area sampling for airborne contaminants. You will save time and money and ensure accuracy and efficient air sampling from every Buck Pump. Warranty for 1 year.

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